Pastoral Counselling Skills

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counselling and pastoral skills

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Pastoral Counselling Skills
1 listener
1.1 empathy
1.2 patient with silence
1.3 attentive
1.4 reflecting
1.5 summarising
1.6 asks open questions
2 Pastoral Counselling Understandings
2.1 speaks the truth in love (Ephesians 4:11-16)
2.1.1 communicates hope
2.2 considers cultural understandings
2.3 appreciates the spiritual dimension of the human experience
2.4 appreciates the psychological dimension of the human experience
2.5 concerned with advancing God's kingdom of healing reconciliation
2.6 rich knowledge of God's word
2.7 aware that humans are subject to the difficulties and effects of sin
2.8 able to live with uncertainty
2.9 comfortable with brokenness
2.10 recognises the need to be proficient and knowledgeable in the use of counselling skills
3 suspends judgement
4 expresses warmth
5 support
6 willing to challenge
7 good memory
8 desire to help another
9 welfare of the other person at heart
10 God's word applied with wisdom
10.1 skillful use of divine truth
11 conversant with scripture
12 genuine interest in people
13 self aware
14 warm manner
15 carefully interprets
16 connects empathetically
17 communicates the bigger story and purpose
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