Marketing Mix Four Ps

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Created by littlewog95 over 6 years ago
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Marketing Mix Four Ps
1 Price
1.1 The amount a customer pays for the product
1.2 This is important as it determines the growth and profits made hence to survive
1.2.1 Keeping the business healthy to progess
2 Product
2.1 A product is seen as an item to satisfy the customer needs or wants
2.1.1 It is an tangible good or intangible service. Intangible = Service over the phone e.g. Security Code Tangible = Has an physical existence e.g. controller
3 Place
3.1 Place is important for a small or medium sized comany to progess
3.1.1 Without the correct environment it will be hard to make sales And could eventually mean the downfall of a business
4 Promotion
4.1 Advertising to attract more consumers
4.1.1 Online or Tv
4.1.2 Personal selling Sales person knocks at your door for a face to face promotion Public Relations Public relations may include an organization or individual gaining exposure to their audiences using topics of public interest and news.

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