Environmental Impact

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Environmental Impact
1 Sustainabilty
1.1 Banks/Utility companyies-online banking and paper-free billing
1.2 Online shopping- electronic invoices rather than use paper.
1.3 Electronic communication (e.g. mobiles and email)-reduces paper used
1.4 Fuel control systems (cars and aeroplanes)-reduce fuel consumption
1.5 Video conferencing/teleworking-reduce commuting needed and save fuel costs
2 Recylcing
2.1 Bins have sensors which indicate when they're full
2.2 Recycled waste can be automatically sorted and managed-more cost efficient
2.3 Smart Waste Bins
2.3.1 Detect how much waste is being thrown away. The more waste thrown away=higher taxes for householder.
2.3.2 To promote householders to recycle
3 Climate change
3.1 Measuring decviced across the world gain environmental and climate data which can track major disasters and weather
3.2 Automatic energy reduction techniques
3.2.1 Lights switch off automatically when nobodys in a room
3.2.2 Heating automatically corntrolls which rooms need to be heated and what temperature at
3.2.3 Fuel control systems in cars to reduce fuel consumption by upto 25%
3.2.4 Control solar power and wind generators for best performance
3.2.5 Low energy devices for lighting contribute to energy reeuctions
4 Recycling and Disposal of Digital Devices
4.1 Reduces the amount of landfill sites needed
4.2 Increase of recyling=Decrease of manafacturing
4.2.1 Reduction in greenhouse gas production so less damage caused to ozone layer
4.3 Devices contain toxic material such as lead plactics and mercury
4.4 Modern devices made from mostly recyclable materials which can be used by another device or broken down into parts for re-use

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