Nutritional concerns for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander children

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Nutritional concerns for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children

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Nutritional concerns for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander children
1 Family impact
1.1 parental nutrition and knowledge
1.1.1 school and education
1.2 role model influence
1.2.1 smoking and excessive alcohol use violence within the home
1.3 maternal health
1.3.1 antenatal health lack of service outreach of maternal and child health nurses foetal alcohol syndrom
1.4 knowledge of hygiene practices including cleaning teeth
1.4.1 dental carries limited access to dental services cost
1.5 parental neglect
1.5.1 infections ears, nose and throat eye health glaucoma skin parasites
1.5.2 chronic disease lack of understanding of long term affects
2 Environmental
2.1 Remote location
2.2 lack of transport
2.3 media and advertising influence
2.4 poor food quality
2.4.1 easy access to fast foods obesity chronic diseases renal diabetes cardiac problems high blood pressure
2.5 food insecurity
2.5.1 financial stress drug and alcohol issues
2.6 cost of living
2.7 distance to healthcare
2.7.1 cost of medicines up to date with immunisations
2.8 poor living conditions
2.8.1 theft/drugs
2.9 lack of services to provide education
2.9.1 nutrition programs within a community
3 Cultural/Social
3.1 different aspects of family choices and practices
3.2 different parenting styles
3.3 language barrier
3.3.1 cultural differences
3.4 excess weight - culturally appropriate
3.4.1 access to fast foods and high carb foods with poor or little nutritional value Obesity
3.5 discriminating policies and practices
3.5.1 economic, social, political disadvantages racism unemployment mental health
3.6 barriers that exist between Aboriginal people and Health care providers
3.6.1 perception of the health care provider importance of identity for Aboriginal mums lack of culturally relevant services such as Child Health Nurses growth monitoring failure to thrive referrals to other specialty areas
3.6.2 low number of Aboriginal Health care workers
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