Population Change

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AQA A GCSE: Key Terms Mindmap

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Population Change
1 Population Growth
1.1 Exponential Growth
1.1.1 J Curve
1.1.2 S - Curve
1.2 Natural Change


  • Natural Change = Birth rate - Death rate
1.2.1 Birth rate
1.2.2 Death Rate
1.2.3 Natural increase
1.2.4 Natural decrease
2 The Demographic Transition Model (DTM)
2.1 Characteristics of each stage
2.2 Major factors affecting population growth
2.2.1 Agricultural Change
2.2.2 Urbanisation
2.2.3 Education
2.2.4 Emancipation and status of women
3 Using Population Pyramids
3.1 Population pyramids
3.2 Future population change
4 Sustainable Populations
4.1 Policies
4.1.1 Birth Control China's one-child policy
4.1.2 Alternatives Indonesia's transmigration policy Kerala India - Education
5 Ageing Populations
5.1 Issues
5.2 Opportunties
5.3 Solutions
5.3.1 Ageing populations in EU France's solutions Sweden's Solutions
6 International Migration
6.1 Push and Pull Factors
6.2 Impacts
6.2.1 Economic
6.2.2 Housing
6.2.3 Labour & skills
6.2.4 Social
6.3 Migrants to EU
6.3.1 Labour
6.3.2 Refugees Syria
6.4 Economic Migration in EU
6.4.1 Poland-UK Impacts on Poland Impacts on UK

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