Blue Devil

Jillie Brierley
Mind Map by Jillie Brierley, updated more than 1 year ago
Jillie Brierley
Created by Jillie Brierley almost 5 years ago


This Mind map was created as a teaching tool to show students what there's could look like. It was shown after they had already created one so that they could edit and revise there's if they wished.

Resource summary

Blue Devil
  1. Herb
    1. Parsley
    2. Ants, Bees
      1. Possums
        1. Wedge Tailed Eagle
          1. Fungi
            1. Worms
        2. Cattle
          1. Humans
            1. Plants,
              1. Fungi
          2. Spiky, purple flower
            1. Native
              1. Not much water
                1. Survive dry, rocky and frost
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