Looking For Meaning

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Looking For Meaning
1 Belief in God
1.1 Why BelieveIn God?
1.1.1 Religious Experiences Miricales show Gods power (Lourdes) Too many unexplained events
1.1.2 Religious Teachings Relate to the teachings of Jesus and the Bible Enter text here
1.1.3 Science hasn't proved everything Still a place for God
1.1.4 Their faith will be rewarded
1.2 Why some don't believe in God
1.2.1 Scientific evidence Science has replaced God
1.2.2 Too much suffering If He existed He wouldn't let us suffer
2 Religion in a Secular Society
2.1 Why is it necessary?
2.1.1 Provides stability Gives a sense of community and belonging
2.1.2 Provides guidance How people should behave eg Ten Commandments
2.1.3 Help other people Follow Jesus' examples
2.2 Why is it not necessary?
2.2.1 Holy Days no longer important Christans resting on a Sunday More concerned with Material/Monetry needs
2.2.2 Science explained everything More Athesits than ever
3 The Nature of God
3.1 How People Experience God
3.1.1 Natural World Beauty of Nature, had to have a creator
3.1.2 Miricales Extrodinary events show God's power
3.1.3 Worship and Prayer Direct relationship and communication with God
3.1.4 Religious Teachings Feel close to God
3.2 What is God like?
3.2.1 All Powerful
3.2.2 Immanent
3.2.3 Creator
3.2.4 All Knowing
3.2.5 All Loving
3.2.6 Transcendent
3.2.7 Judge
4 Responses To God

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