Aggregate Planning Today

María Villagómez
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María Villagómez
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Aggregate Planning Today
  1. medium-range capacity planning
    1. Time horizon: 3 to 18 months
      1. Goal: Achieve a production plan to satisfy demand
        1. Appropiate resource input and output levels
          1. Influencing demand and supply
          2. Basis to budget development
          3. Principal Characteristics
            1. 12 months of time horizon
              1. Updating of the plan periodically
              2. Demand is assumed to be fluctuating, uncertain or seasonal
                1. Possibility of changing demand and supply variables
                  1. it may achueve low inventories, good labor relations, low costs, flexibility and good customer services
                    1. Facilities are considered fixed
                    2. Decision options
                      1. Two types
                        1. Modifying demand
                          1. Pricing
                            1. Advertising and production
                              1. Backlog or reservation
                                1. Development of complementary products
                                2. Modifying supply
                                  1. Hiring and layoff of employees
                                    1. Overtime and undertime
                                      1. Using Part-time/temporary labour
                                        1. carrying inventory
                                          1. subcontracting
                                            1. making operative arrangements
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