Systemic Racism in healthcare

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mind map on systemic racism in health care setting

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Systemic Racism in healthcare
  1. Uninformed
    1. Lack of information resources
      1. lack of funding
      2. lack of awareness/ information from academic settings
        1. Lack of exposure to other cultures
          1. old fashioned views
            1. older workforce
            2. Oblivious to actions/effects
              1. lack of awareness of own values/ beliefs
                1. priveledge
                  1. different values
                    1. different culture
                  2. misinformation
                    1. stereotypes
                      1. media
                        1. government
                      2. Lack of voice to speak up against it
                        1. People witnessing racism
                          1. Fear of repercussions if you speak up
                            1. don't want to appear rude
                              1. social culture
                                1. social setting
                                  1. friends vs. strangers
                                    1. environment
                                      1. situational
                                  2. people experiencing racism
                                    1. Positions of power
                                      1. feeling disempowered
                                        1. lack of voice
                                          1. feeling like you're a minority
                                            1. because you are being treated that way
                                      2. Work place norms/ peer pressure
                                        1. Lack of funding
                                          1. Lack of cultural exposure
                                            1. fear of difference
                                              1. fear of consequences
                                                1. doing things to fit in
                                              2. stereotypical views
                                                1. fear of the unknown
                                                2. top down pressure
                                                  1. those in power setting norms
                                                    1. old fashioned views
                                                      1. lack of cultural awareness
                                                        1. unaware of own bias/ views
                                                          1. unaware of own thoughts/actions and how they may impact others
                                                    2. lack of empathy
                                                      1. lack of client centeredness
                                                        1. fear of repercussions if you advocate
                                                          1. fear of having different view point to management/ peers/ majority
                                                    3. Fear and Racism
                                                      1. Experiences
                                                        1. had a bad experience
                                                          1. generalise experience to whole culture/ population
                                                          2. other sharing negative experiences
                                                          3. Intergenerational
                                                            1. norms in family
                                                              1. taught/ learned
                                                              2. human nature
                                                                1. categorising things
                                                                  1. generalising things
                                                                    1. otherness
                                                                  2. social media
                                                                    1. Reach to wider population
                                                                      1. validation of racist opinion by others
                                                                      2. lack of censorship
                                                                        1. huge platform
                                                                          1. timeliness in taking things down
                                                                            1. damage already done
                                                                        2. people recording racist content e.g. bullying
                                                                          1. powerful
                                                                            1. validation
                                                                            2. perpetuates behaviour
                                                                            3. freedom for hate speech
                                                                              1. "keyboard warriors"
                                                                                1. annonimity
                                                                                  1. Removed from situation and effects
                                                                                    1. dehumanises people
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