Skeletal Sytem

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Skeletal Sytem
  1. Injuries to Bones
    1. A fracture is a cracked bone which can be caused by a blow or severe twisting of a joint
      1. Symptoms include pain, swelling and sometimes bruising
    2. Fractures
      1. Compound Fractures
        1. In compound fractures, the broken bones come through the skin
        2. Closed Fractures
          1. Fracture does not break the skin therefore is closed
          2. Simple Fractures
            1. No bone is displaced and occurs in one line, only part of the bone is broken
            2. Stress Fracture
              1. Often refered to as a over use fracture
                1. Happen as a result of muscles being fatigued and unable to absorb shock
                  1. Can occur by increasing the intensity of sport too quickly
                    1. Linked to osteoporosis
                  2. Injuries to joints
                    1. Tennis and Golfer's Elbow
                      1. Tennis elbow causes pain in the outside of your elbow using the wrong racket grp
                        1. Both these conditions are caused by overuse of the tendons in the elbow joint
                          1. Golfer's elbow occurs in the outside of the elbow
                          2. Disclocation
                            1. It is when a bone at a joint is forced out of a normal position
                              1. The signs of a dislocation is swelling and deformity
                                1. With dislocations you may get associated fractures
                                2. Sprains
                                  1. Is a damaged ligament
                                    1. Occur when stretching past the normal range of movement, falling. twisting, or a collision to the joint.
                                  2. Diet
                                    1. Calcium
                                      1. A diet high in calcium helps bones become increase in density and grow
                                      2. Vitamin D
                                        1. Essential for growth and the maintaining healthy bones
                                          1. Made when your skin is exposed to sunlight
                                          2. Smoking and alcohol
                                            1. Have toxic effect on your bones
                                              1. Increases risk of osteoporosis and brittle bones causing fractures
                                            2. R.I.C.E
                                              1. RICE treatment is used for strains, sprains and bruises
                                                1. R - rest - stop activity stop injuring further
                                                  1. I - ice - Apply an ice pack to reduce blood flow, pain and swelling.
                                                    1. C - compress - rap a bandage tightly around the area to reduce internal bleeding and swelling
                                                      1. E - elevation - Raise the injury above heart level to reduce swelling and throbbing.
                                                        1. RICE treatment lessens the pain and helps to reduce injury recovery time.
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