Canadian Identity

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This is a mind map created to give more of an idea based on Canadian immigration, landmarks and symbols.

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Canadian Identity
1 Immigrants
1.1 Permanent
1.1.1 Classes Business class Provincial Nomination programs Canadian permit residence Some require investment into Canada Family class Has relatives living in Canada Willing to sponsor immigrant Refugee class Escaping other countries
1.1.2 PR card
1.1.3 Applying for citizenship
1.2 Temporary
1.2.1 Visa Single entry Only once Issued upto 6 months Should have expiry date after one month of arrival Must apply for it Multiple entry 6 months at a time Valid up to 10 years Or a month before expiry date of passport Must apply for it Transit Short period Travelling Non immigrant visa No fee Work permits Job offer Visitor visa Must apply for it
1.3 Illegal Immigrants
1.3.1 35,000-120,000 people Deportion
1.4 Over 250,000 per year
1.4.1 Refugees
1.5 Different Countries
1.5.1 Diversity over 200 ethnic origins Language Over 200 languages spoken Although French and English are the two official languages Over 20% of population are immigrants
1.5.2 Different Cultures
2 Symbol
2.1 Beaver
2.1.1 March 24th 1975
2.1.2 Fur trade 6 million before fur trade Close to extinction
2.2 Coat of Arms
2.2.1 Identification card Battlefield
2.2.2 Motto Red ribbon Order of Canada Desiderantes Melioram Patrium "They desire a better country"
2.2.3 Design drawn by Cathy Bursey-Sabourin Fraser Herald of Arms Royal Crown at the top Queen Floral Emblems of founding countries of Canada English Rose Scottish thistle French fleur-de-lis Irish Shamrock Lion of England Unicorn of Scotland Symbols of four founding nations of Canada 3 royal lions of England royal lion of Scotland royal fleur-de-lis of France Royal Irish harp of Tara
2.2.4 Royal Proclamation on November 21st, 1921
2.2.5 Motto "From Sea to Sea."
2.3 Maple Leaf Tartan
2.3.1 Official National Symbol March 9th, 2011
2.3.2 Created by David Weiser For 100th anniversary Canadian Confederation 1967 Inspiration of Maple leaf Changes in color of changing seasons Summer Green Early Autumn Gold First frost Red Before Winter Brown tones
2.3.3 National Pride Worn by people from all backgrounds Regardless of ancestry
2.3.4 Worn by 2nd 3rd 4th Battalions
2.4 Maple Tree
2.4.1 arboreal emblem 1996
2.4.2 10 of 150 are in Canada
2.5 National Anthem
2.5.1 July 1st, 1980
2.5.2 First sung by Quebec June 24th, 1880
2.5.3 By Calixa Lavallee
2.5.4 Officially translated in 1908 Robert Stanley Weir
2.6 National Flag
2.6.1 Adopted in 1965
2.6.2 February 15th, 1965 Canadian Flag Canada Day
2.7 National Horse
2.7.1 National breed in 1909
2.7.2 May 2002 Declared National horse
2.7.3 Origin 1665
2.8 National colours
2.8.1 Red and White Proclamation of Canadian Coat of Arms King George V 1921 Since 11th century
2.9 Sports
2.9.1 Official Summer Lacrosse Winter Ice Hockey
2.10 Bluenose
2.10.1 Dime
2.10.2 March 26, 1921
2.11 Inukshuk
2.11.1 "You are on the right path."
3 Landmarks
3.1 Hopewell Rocks
3.1.1 New Brunswick Bay of Fundy
3.1.2 40-70 ft tall
3.2 Canadian Rockies
3.2.1 Acitivities Hiking Bird watching Fishing Mountain biking Camping
3.2.2 British Columbia&Alberta
3.3 Chateau Frontenac
3.3.1 19th Century
3.3.2 Hotel
3.3.3 Quebec City
3.4 CN Tower
3.4.1 Toronto, Ontario
3.4.2 457m
3.4.3 360 Restaurant
3.4.4 7 wonders of modern world 1995
3.5 Confederation Bridge
3.5.1 1997
3.5.2 8 miles long
3.5.3 200ft above water level
3.5.4 Links New Brunswick and PEI
3.6 Parliament Hill
3.6.1 Ottawa Ottawa River
3.6.2 3 separate buildings East block West block Centre block
3.6.3 1859-
3.7 Canadian War Museum
3.7.1 Ottawa
3.7.2 All facets of Canada's military past
3.7.3 Open storage area
3.7.4 Military history research centre
3.7.5 Originated in 1880 Current building 2005
3.8 Royal Ontario Museum
3.8.1 Toronto, Ontario Established in 1912 1,000,000 visitors per year Over 6,000,000 collection pieces
3.8.2 40 galleries
3.8.3 Art
3.8.4 World culture
3.8.5 Natural history
3.8.6 lose relations with the University of Toronto
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