Sources of Food

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Sources of Food
1 Crops
1.1 Can be protected by
1.1.1 Biological control Which include the use of Natural enemies
1.1.2 Chemical control which comprises Herbicides Pesticides can also cause Pollution such as Air Pollution Water Pollution
1.2 Soil
1.2.1 requires Fertilisers Nutrients Appropriate pH Litmus paper Universal indicator pH Meter
1.3 Need
1.3.1 Water required for Growth regulated by Plant Hormones also used in Ripening of fruits Weed killers
1.3.2 Sunlight
1.3.3 Air
2 Can Be Increased by
2.1 Intensive production methods
2.2 Improving plant and animal varieties
3 such as
4 need to be increased due to
4.1 Space limitation
4.2 Increase in world population
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