Sources of Food

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Sources of Food
1 Protection of Crops
1.1 Biological Control: Natural Method eg. Introduce natural predators PROS: Environmentally Friendly CONS: Imbalance of ecosystem
2 Plants
2.1 Carry on Photosynthesis to make food
3 Soil Conditions
3.1 Fertilisers
3.1.1 PROS: adds nutrients to the soil, plants grow faster CONS: Contamination of water sources , negative impact on aquatic life, algae bloom
3.2 pH
3.2.1 Indicates acidic -> taste sour or alkaline ->taste bitter
3.2.2 Test Litmus Paper acidic : Blue turns red alkaline: Red turns blue Universal Indicator Acidic: RED Alkaline: Blue/Purple Neutral:Green Data Logger Acidic: pH <7 Alkaline pH >7 Neutral ph 7
4 Slash-and-burn: A method to clear the land PROS: Cheap and easy method CONS: -Cause haze and air pollution -Eye Irritation and breathing problem - Forest Fires - Soil Erosion - Loss of Natural Habitats which lead to extinction of wild life
5 Crops
5.1 Need water, air and sunlight required for growth regulated by plant hormones also used in Ripening of fruits and weed killers
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