Sources of food

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Sources of food
1 Soil condition
1.1 Fertilisers
1.1.1 Adds nutrients to the soil,plants grow better
1.2 PH
1.2.1 Test Litmus paper Acidic-blue to red Alkaline-red to blue Universal indicator Data logger
1.2.2 Indicates acidic or alkaline
2 Slash and burn
2.1 A method to clear the land and is cheap.
3 Protection of crops
3.1 Biologial control
3.1.1 Natural method e.g. intrduce natural predator
3.2 chemical control
3.2.1 Pesticides / Herbicides (kill pests) (kill weed)
4 Improve Food Production
4.1 Plant hormones
4.1.1 Improve growth and ripening of fruits
4.2 Improve plant and animal varieties
4.3 Intensive production methods
4.3.1 e.g milking farm
4.3.2 e.g Fish farm tanks
4.4 High tech methods
4.4.1 e.g Vertical farming
4.4.2 e.g hydroponics
4.4.3 e.g aeroponics
5 Plants
5.1 Carry out photosynthesis to make food
5.1.1 Raw material Carbon dioxide water
5.1.2 End products Sugar
5.1.3 Conditions Sunlight Chlorophyll
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