Biology Chapter 1 AQA Additional Science

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Biology Chapter 1 AQA Additional Science
1 Animal and Plant Cells
1.1 Most human cells are like normal animal cells, they contain a nucleus, cytoplasm, cell membrane, ribosomes and mitochondria.
1.2 Plant cells mostly have the same components as animal cells, but also a cell wall, a vacuole and chloroplasts.
2 Bacteria and Yeast
2.1 A bacteria cell contains a cytoplasm, a cell membrane and a cell wall. The genes are not in a distinct nucleus!
2.2 Yeast is a single celled organism each cell consists of a nucleus, cytoplasm, and a membrane, they also have a cell wall.
2.3 The anaerobic respiration of yeast is also referred to as fermentation!
3 Specialised Cells
3.1 Examples of these are sperm cells, fat cells, cone cells and also root hair cells.
3.2 When a cell is specialised it means it has been adapted or created to do a specific job.
3.3 Other examples are red blood cells, egg cells and nere cells (neurons).
4 Diffusion
4.1 Substances that are dissolved such as oxygen move in and out of cells through diffusion.
4.2 Diffusion is the movement of particles from a high to a low concentration through a semi-permable membrane.
4.3 Diffusion is faster when the difference in concentration is higher.
5 Tissues and Organs
5.1 A tissue is simply a group of cells with a similar function.
5.2 Tissues are what organs are made up of. There may be different types of tissue in one organ.
6 Organ Systems
6.1 An organ system is a group of organs assigned to a specific function.
6.2 Some examples are: Digestive System and the Central Nervous System.
6.3 Plant organs include; Stem, roots and leaves.

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