Cambridge Nationals R001 Potential Exam Areas June 14

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Potential areas for the May ICT Exam with notes

Mr Harvey
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Cambridge Nationals R001 Potential Exam Areas June 14
1 Portable Devices
1.1 Smartphone
1.1.1 Synchronisation Remotely updating files/calendars/schedules that more than one person has access to, when a change is made all users documents update with the most recent file Everyone has up to date information Privacy issues If a mistake is made everyone has it Lack of signal means no update Good organisation Know where everyone is
1.1.2 Ways of contact Email Phone Text AUP says they cannot download apps
1.1.3 Apps Updates Manually or automatic updates, give you push notifications Take up bandwidth and space May go over data limits Improved features
1.1.4 Features
1.1.5 Drawbacks May be used for more than work Downloading Apps Easy to lose/damage Loss of signal Training needed Size of screen for typing
1.1.6 Benefits Portable Small and lightweight More than just a phone Apps Cheaper to buy than laptops Easy to contact to people Easy to synchronise Build in wi-fi
2 Legislation
2.1 Acceptable Use Policy
2.1.1 Employee needs to sign it
2.1.2 List of rules you need to follow
2.1.3 Could get fired or suspended if it is broken
2.1.4 Cable Ties Ltd Not using for illegal purposes - viruses/hacking Not looking at inappropriate material Not download apps Not to gain financially - business and gambling apps Space on the phone Might download viruses Waste time on games/social media apps Might charge business account Not downloading movies/games etc. Security - not sharing accounts/password Not used for gambling or advertising Respect equipment
2.1.5 Covers the business, particularly the Computer Misuse Act
2.2 Monitoring Employees
2.2.1 Tracking employees (GPS) Three or more satellites, send data to and from phone, the speed of transfer works out distance, where all points converge is where the phone is (triangulation)
2.2.2 Marcus, time taken Pressure to complete jobs quickly Stress Job completed poorly Text message Signal Cost Accessing where he is Legal Unfair use of data What is data use for, monitoring or comparing? Data Protection Act Are they allowed to collect the data? Does not take into account other issues
2.3 Data Protection Act
2.3.1 8 principles Data needs to be secure Do not transfer outside of EU Accurate Used within the law Person needs to concent and used as they have agreed to Cannot sell or give away Not more data than needed Up to date
3 Data Usage
3.1 Priority Users
3.2 Data Collection
3.2.1 Paper Feedback Form Benefits Can fill in whilst technician is there so will get done Can ask technician about questions Drawbacks Costs to copy Needs manual input into database Input errors May not be honest if technician is warching
3.2.2 Electronic Feedback Form Benefits Cheap Easy to import data into database Many different features Can validate response so less erroneous data More honest if technician is not there Drawbacks Need internet connect May not complete as need to go on after technician has left May not understand how it works Cannot ask technician questions if confused Data security when sent over internet Features Text box Radio button Text area List/Menu Check box Radio button
3.3 Link feedback to users
3.3.1 Primary key/unique id
3.4 Storage on portable devices
3.5 Data Protection
3.5.1 Password to open
3.5.2 Password to modify
3.5.3 Encryption Data is changed, on sender and receive have key to place it back to original
3.6 Backing up and archiving data
3.6.1 Back up Placing data onto another area in case the original is lost
3.6.2 Archive Moving or backing up data not regular use but may be useful
3.6.3 Methods Cloud Tape Son-Father-Grandfather Hard Disk Internal External Solid State Disk Costs more No moving parts Memory Stick Optical Disc DVD CD Blu-Ray
3.7 Data Storage (mobile device)
3.7.1 Cloud Internet storage Store large amounts Need Internet connection Relatively cheap Can share Automatically backed up Examples AppleID Dropbox Sky Drive Google Docs Can Synchronise
3.7.2 Internal memory Save data on the phone Limited space Access offline How do you back up? Limited sharing Quick to access
3.7.3 Card (SIM, SD) Move between devices Limited space Quick to acces
4 Software
4.1 Scheduling software
5 Data Transfer using Mobiles
5.1 Wired
5.1.1 Faster
5.1.2 Wire easy to break
5.1.3 Limited ports/types of connection compare to desktop and laptop
5.1.4 Specific wires, cost more for different connections
5.1.5 Need to be in same room (travelling technicians)
5.2 Wireless
5.2.1 Built in wireless
5.2.2 GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Infra-red
5.2.3 Simple and easy to use
5.2.4 Can cost if over 3G etc. Data Limits
5.2.5 Speed can be an issue
5.2.6 Transfer anywhere around the world
6 How ICT makes a business more effective

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