The Role of The Police

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The Role of The Police
1 Crime Prevention
1.1 Community Policing
1.1.1 Physical presence On foot or in a car.
1.2 CCTV
1.3 Education Campiagns
1.3.1 Educating people on how to look after their possessions or the consequences of crimes such as knife carrying and drink driving. 2010 education campaign to reduce knife crime
1.3.2 Schools
1.3.3 Adverts: TV, Billboards
2 Catching Criminals
2.1 It is the job of the police to capture those they believe to have committed crime.
2.1.1 It is not the job of the police to decide... Whether you have committed a crime. Whether you should appear in court What punishment, if any, you should receive.
2.1.2 A police officer can stop and question you of you are suspected of committing a crime Once you have given the police your name and address, it is up to them to decide whether they want to ask you more questions The police can detain you for up to 24 hours at the police station. They then decide either to arrest or release you.
3 Maintaining Public Order
3.1 Managing large crowds
3.1.1 Sporting occasions
3.1.2 Demonstrations
3.2 Priorities
3.2.1 Public Safety
3.2.2 Those who are involved do not break the law.
4 Managing Traffic
4.1 Traffic police
4.1.1 Responsibilities Enforcing road traffic laws Traffic management Road safety
4.1.2 Speeding motorists and drunk drivers are the obvious and serious road issues that traffic police deal with.

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