assure model 1

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mind map assure model

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assure model 1
1 Analyze Learners
1.1 Identify your audience, competencies and learning styles
1.2 Select methods, media and materials
1.2.1 Select the apropriate method for task, materials, design new material
2 State objectives
2.1 Audience who your learners are? Behaviour to be demonstrated, conditions under which the behaviour will be observed Degree to which the learned skills are to be mastered.
3 Utilize media and materials
3.1 Practice using the equipment that you have, be sure to have a plan B
4 Requiere Learners Participation
4.1 Students learn best when they are actively involved in the learning experiences, incorporate questions and answers, discussions, group work, hands on activities
5 Evaluate and Revise
5.1 Determine that the elements of the lesson were effective or more of them need to be changed
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