What were the Nazi's aims?


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What were the Nazi's aims?
  1. A strong Germany
    1. strong government to overturn the Treaty of Versailles
      1. strong army to make it a great military power (like before the war)
        1. strong thriving economy
          1. rearm Germany, possible war against France
          2. A racial Germany
            1. Aryan race: blond and blue-eyed
              1. racially pure Germany
                1. getting rid of racial minorites = Jews by:
                  1. removing them from positions of powers
                    1. hounding them out of the country
                      1. isolation from Aryans
                    2. People's Community
                      1. wanted all 'racially pure' Germans to feel they were part of the Volk
                        1. loyalty to the German people, Fuhrer and Germany
                          1. all other claims on people's loyalities to be removed
                            1. churches, political parties, swimming clubs and choirs would be dissolved or taken over by Nazis
                            2. no room for free speech - conversations would be controlled
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