Climbing My Grandfather

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Climbing My Grandfather
1 written by Andrew Waterhouse
2 -Waterhouse was an environmentalist and lecturer
2.1 -Only one set of poems published about parent/child relationships
2.2 -Suicide in 2001, aged 42. He suffered for a long time with mental health
2.3 -His grandfather was the one who got him into mountaineering
3 1 long stanza, 27 lines in total
3.1 shows that his memories aren't structured and are constantly flowing. Emphasizes how hard it is for him to remember all of this (links in to mental health)
4 The following devices are used in this poem: mountain imagery, metaphors, extended metaphors, oxymoron, use of memory
5 These are the quotes that I will use in the exam:
5.1 ''I decide to do it free, without a rope or net'' and ''I change direction'' -mental strength
5.2 ''At his still firm shoulder, I rest for a while in the shade'' -love/protection
5.3 ''gasping for breath I can only lie...knowing the slow pulse of his good heart'' -admiration
6 Themes: mountains, Waterhouse's childhood memories of his grandfather and his relationship with him
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