Data representaion

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Data representaion
1 AND Logic gate
1.1 This gate has a two input nodes and one output node. The input can ether be 1 or 0. The output will only be 1 if both the inputs are 1 otherwise the output will be 0.
2 Binary logic
2.1 AND logic gate
2.1.1 This gate has two inputs and one out put. The output will only by 1 if both the inputs are 1 over wise the out put will be 0 (vies versa)
2.2 OR logic gates
2.2.1 An OR gate has two inputs and one output. If ether one or both inputs are 1 then the output will be one, other wise it will be 0
2.3 NOT Logic gate
2.3.1 The Not logic gate has only one input whatever the input is the output will be the opposite.
2.4 Data in computer sis represented as 1 and 0 because it is extremely difficult for the computer to mistake a 1 for a 0
3 Units
3.1 A bit is a single binary digit. A Nibble is 4 binary digits. A Byte is 8 binary digits (2 nibbles or 8 bits). A Kilobyte is approximately 1024 bytes. a Mega byte is approximately 1000 kilobytes. A gigabyte is approximately 1000 megabytes. A Terabyte is approximately 1000 gigabytes.
3.2 Data needs to be converted into binary because it makes it easier for the computer to distinguish. a computer finds it harder to mistake a 1 for a 0 (vies versa) then mistaking 4.76 for 4.77

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