Of Mice And Men

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English lit and lang notes on of mice and men

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Of Mice And Men
1 Key Themes
1.1 Violence
1.1.1 Section 3 - Curleys hand is crushed by Lennie
1.2 Friendship
1.2.1 George and Lennie
1.2.2 Friendship between ranch workers Remembering someone who has left the ranch but has come up in the magazine


  • Also links with the theme of loneliness as they are so lonely they remember old workers and friends that used to be.
1.3 Dreams
1.4 Loneliness
1.5 Nature
2 Characters
2.1 Lennie
2.2 George
2.3 Curley
2.4 Curleys Wife
2.4.1 Treated like a possession
2.4.2 Craves attention Leads to her death as she is craving attention so lets Lennie pet her hair as he has an addiction for soft things - he gets scared and accidently killls her trying to stop her from screaming
2.5 Candy
2.6 Slim
2.7 Carlson

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