Stock Market

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Stock Market
  1. Dow Jones vs. S&P 500
    1. Dow Jones
      1. 30 companies chosen by Wall Street Journal
        1. 20% Industrial
          1. EX: Visa, IBM, Boeing, Goldman Sachs and 3M
          2. S&P 500
            1. 500 companies chosen by Standard and Poors
              1. company must have positive earnings
                1. EX: Apple, Exxon Mobil, GE, Microsoft, and Johnson & Johnson
                  1. Best Gauge/ Benchmark
                2. Types of Stock
                  1. Common Stock
                    1. Includes Authorized, Issue, Treasury & Outstanding Stock
                      1. Shareholder with voting rights
                        1. Potential Dividends, Preemptive Rights and liability.
                          1. Riskier, have more potential
                          2. Preferred Stock
                            1. Equity Security
                              1. Share in Company w/ higher priority
                                1. lower potential
                                  1. No voting, A fixed income investment w/ dividends
                                2. Myths About The Stock Market
                                  1. Stock Prices Rise and Fall
                                    1. no way to predict bare or bull market
                                      1. always stay invested, your $$ will come back
                                      2. Risky, volatile and unpredictable
                                        1. you invest for a long time,
                                          1. look for a long time
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