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  1. Cell Theory
    1. All cells come from pre existing cells
      1. Cells multiply through division. Meiosis generates haploid gametes (sex cells
      2. Unicellular organism: are single-celled and can carry out all of the functions of life independently.
        1. Multicellular organisms have specialized cells to carry out specific functions.
          1. They are the smallest units of life
            1. Specialized structures within cells (organelles) carry out different functions. Organelles cannot survive alone
          2. Plants
            1. Eucayotes
              1. Life with a nucleus
                1. 10-100 μm
                  1. Double Helix
                    1. Structure of the DNA
                    2. Has nuclear membrane
                      1. Membrane bound
                        1. 80s (big)
                          1. Many Different Organelles
                            1. Nucleus: The “brains” of the cell, the nucleus directs cell activities and contains genetic material called chromosomes made of DNA.
                              1. Mitochondria: Make energy out of food
                                1. Ribosomes: Make protein
                                  1. Golgi Apparatus: Make, process and package proteins
                                    1. Lysosome: Contains digestive enzymes to help break food down
                                      1. Endoplasmic Reticulum: transporting all sorts of items around the cell.
                                        1. Vacuole: Used for storage, vacuoles usually contain water or food
                                          1. Chloroplast (only for plants) : Uses sunlight to create energy
                                            1. Cell Wall (only for plant): Serves as supports
                                        2. Animals
                                          1. Bacteria
                                            1. Procayotes
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