Political Threats From the Right and Left

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A summary of the 4 main uprising in Weimar Germany 1919-1923

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Political Threats From the Right and Left
1 The Spartacist Rising
1.1 Led by Rosa Luxembourg and Karl Liebnecht
1.2 They Occupied Public Buildings, called for general strike and formed a revolutionary committee
1.3 The Spartacist's feared if the election took place here would be no chance for a communist Germany so took inspiration from Russia and gain power by uprising
2 Red Rising in the Ruhr
2.1 The left wingers and trade unionists were concerned about the re-emergence of militarism and put a 9 point plan forward calling for a fully socialist government and the removal of anti republican elements
2.1.1 There was no government co-operation
2.2 On the 15th of March, a communist uprising began in the Ruhr. Arms were issued to the "red army and they put up barricades in Berlin. A new government was also set up in Essen to establish a soviet republic
2.3 The Reichswer were ordered in and brutally murdered hundreds of the protesters
2.3.1 This left discomfort among the German people, they had stopped the Kapp putsch and when they asked for something in return they were killed.
3 Kapp Putsch
3.1 This was the first major crisis from the right wing in march 1920
3.2 The Treaty of versailles called for a reduction in the size of the army. This involved disbanding friekorps units also. General Walther von Luttwitz was leader of one of the disbanded brigades and he was outraged. Himself and Wolfgang Kapp Plotted to overthrow the newly established weimar government
3.3 On the 12th of march 12000 friekorps marched into Berlin. the army refused to suppress the putsch: Reichswer don't fire on Reichswer"
3.3.1 Ebert fled and a new government was proclaimed by Kapp, Making himself chancellor. Ebert pleaded with the German people for a general strike. And they did so, the banks anc civil servants also refused to support Kapp. After 4 days it collapsed and Kapp Fled to Sweden.
4 Munich Putsch
4.1 Led By Adolf Hiter and Erich Ludendorf (Karh and Lossow minorly involved)
4.2 Germant was in a state of economic crisis and Bavaria was highly turbulent by 1923 and Hitler saw this as an opportunity
4.3 Hitler Burst into a Right wing meeting in a Beer Hall and made Kahr and Lossow support his putsch at gunpoint.
4.3.1 Karh and Lossow turn on Hitler and help put down the putsch
4.3.2 Ludendorff persuades Hitler to proceed with the putsch anyway and he does so Hitler marched into Bavaria With 2000 men and met the police force and the army. Thy were easily suppressed. 14 men were killed. Hitler and Ludendorff were arrested
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