Juno: key moments

Aoife Friel
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Aoife Friel
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Leaving Certificate English Mind Map on Juno: key moments, created by Aoife Friel on 09/28/2016.

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Juno: key moments
  1. When Juno finds out she is pregnant
    1. When Juno goes to the abortion clinic
      1. When Juno puts the baby up for adoption
        1. Juno tells her parents she is pregnant, supported by Leah
          1. Juno and Paulies fight at the lockers
            1. When Juno meets Mark & Vanessa for the first time
              1. When Juno and Paulie tell each other their true feelings
                1. When Juno goes into labour
                  1. When Bren stood up for Juno at the ultrasound
                    1. When Juno fills Paulies mailbox with tic tacs
                      1. When Juno and Paulie kiss at the running track
                        1. Juno and Mark playing music together
                          1. Seeing Vanessa at the mall
                            1. When Mark divorces Vanessa
                              1. when Vanessa gets her new baby
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