Digital Video

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Digital Video
1 Definition
1.1 Is a multimedia source that combines a sequence of images to form a moving picture.
2 Kinds of
2.1 Tutorial Videos
2.2 Webinar Video
2.3 Project Reviews
2.4 Video PSAS
2.5 Culture Videos
2.6 Testimonials
2.7 Animations
2.8 Instagram Video
3 Diferences Between Analogous Video
3.1 The seal of Analogue video is the conversion of changes in light intensity into electrical signals of intensity variables in photosensitive materials . Or so we understand capture reality through electromagnetic signals on a tape.
4 Formats
4.1 AVI Format
4.2 MOV Format
5 Software
5.1 Windows Media Player
5.2 Quick Time Player
5.3 BS Player
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