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A-Levels Film Studies Mind Map on Themes, created by Becky Francis on 05/01/2013.

Becky Francis
Created by Becky Francis over 6 years ago
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1 Political Issues
1.1 Sits beneath the narrative in many Mexican films
1.2 Political issues are in all 3 themes, but not obviously.
2 Disintergration of Society
2.1 Disintergration of values, morals, institutions and of norms.
2.2 Class Divides
2.3 Stop caring about friendships in Y Tu Mama Tambien
2.4 El Chivo asassinates
3 Sexual Unfulfilment
3.1 Y Tu Mama Tambien
3.2 Como Agua Para Chocolate - Tita dies after sexual fulfilment
4 Gender Issues and Women's Roles
4.1 Like Water: Prizes are women, mother uses and abuses, Tita gives up chance for family.
4.2 Y Tu: Luisa is in control of the boys, but no control over her husband.
4.3 Amores Perros: Most women are weak, model is not matriarchal like Tita in Like Water.
5 Rituals and modernism
5.1 Y Tu: Pigs on beach represent Europeans coming over - symbolism of early settlement.
5.2 Like Water: Rituals - weddings, traditions and recipies
5.3 All end on death and depression.

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