Computer Systems

Im very bad at ICT
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Computer systems mindmap

Im very bad at ICT
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Computer Systems
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Computer Systems
1 Remote working
1.1 Gaining acces to files over the internet
2 Remote Working
2.1 People who are working away from an office can still gain access to their files via the cloud or with company services.
3 Remote working
3.1 People who are away from their usual place of work because they are travelling and can gain access to their files over the internet.
3.2 Remote access can be by:
3.2.1 Sharing the desktop of a computer in the office, which means that the remote computer appears to be in the office because it is using the same desktop.
3.2.2 Using a virtual private network
3.2.3 using the cloud to access files that your company has made.
4 Diary management software
4.1 Diary management software can be very useful for employees working remotely. They can co-ordinate their diaries with people who work in an office and make sure everyone who needs service gets it.

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