Reasons why Hitler became so popular in Germany

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Reasons why Hitler became so popular in Germany
1 Propaganda
1.1 Goebbels
2 public speaking abilities
2.1 messages/slogans
2.2 constant themes
2.2.1 employment


  • 6 million unemployed
2.2.2 offer strong leadership
3 SA
3.1 Soup kitchens
4 anticommunism
4.1 beat up communists


  • link to SA
5 people vote for negative reasons
5.1 stop communist come to power
5.2 reperations
5.3 loss of government structure
5.3.1 collapse of the weimar republic reichstag
6 fix things
6.1 agriculture prices drop by 42%
6.1.1 18000 farmers go bankrupt
6.2 5 major banks go bankrupt
7 media and publicity in the form of trial.
8 changes in the nazis strategies
8.1 armed rebellion and SA
9 SS and youth + others formed in 26


  • party membership goes from 27000 to 100000 
10 Wall street crash made people desperate
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