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Sukhi Singh
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Sukhi Singh
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This is s great way to set up a mind map for blogs

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School Magazine
  1. Target Audience
    1. Parents
      1. Would you want to see student related information?
        1. Would you like to find out how parents can help out their children?
        2. Students
          1. Revision Techniques
            1. How does the school help their students achieve their target grade?
        3. Issues
          1. What kind of issues would you like to see featured? (list of options: global issues, school issues, economical issues, etc.
          2. School Stories
            1. Achievements
              1. What you like to see the achievements that student have made during and after their education? (this includes exam results, employment after education, etc.)
              2. Fund Raising
                1. Would you like to see how the school raises funding's for charities by arranging events such as non-uniform days and fund raising activities?
              3. Sport
                1. Types of sports that are played the school
                  1. Achievements from playing these sports e.g. records broken, trophies/ medals, etc.
                  2. Teaching
                    1. Would you like to see how do teachers educate their student e.g. presentations, games, etc.
                    2. Images
                      1. What kind of images would you like to see featured? (list of options: achievements, the school itself, uniform worn by students, etc.
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