A wife in London


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Luke Howson
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Luke Howson
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A wife in London
  1. Stanza 1
    1. She sits in the tawny vapour
      1. That the city lanes have uprolled
        1. Behind whose webby fold on fold
          1. Like a waning tapour
            1. The street lamp glimmers cold
    2. Stanza 2
      1. A messenger's knock cracks smartly
        1. Flashed news is in her hand
          1. Of meaning it dazes to understand
            1. Though shaped so shortly
              1. He has fallen in the far South land
      2. Stanza 3
        1. 'Tis the morrow, the fog hangs thicker
          1. The postman nears and goes
            1. A letter is brought whose lines disclose
              1. By the firelight flicker
                1. His hand, whom the worm now knows
        2. Stanza 4
          1. Fresh, firm, penned in highest feather
            1. Page full of his hoped return
              1. And of home planned jaunts by brake and burn
                1. In the summer wether
                  1. And of new love that they would learn
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