Thomas Sydenham

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Thomas Sydenham
  1. Born: 1624, (born 1624, Wynford Eagle, Dorset, Eng.—died Dec. 29, 1689, London
    1. In his last years, he was said to be disabled by Gout and Renal Disease
      1. Left 3 sons, William (also a physician), Henry and James.
      2. Known as the "English Hippocrates" and "Father of Medicine"
        1. he emphasized detailed observations of patients and maintained accurate records
          1. English Physician
          2. Studied at Oxford University, although interrupted by parliamentary participation during English Civil wars
            1. Received M.B in 1648, began practiceing in 1656
              1. Studied epidemics in London
                1. This work based the book of fevers (1666), then was expanded to Observationes Medicae (1676) -a standard textbook for two centuries.
                  1. Kept a notebook about clinical observations (1669-1674), turned into Observationes Medicae
              2. The book 'Gout' (1683) is considered his masterpiece.
              3. Among the first to describe scarlet fever-differentiating it from measles and naming it
                1. Explained the nature of hysteria
                  1. Introduced Iron to treat those with Iron defieciencies
                    1. Moderate treatment to smallpox
                      1. Invented liquid laudanum
                      2. Captain during war service
                        1. Insisted diseases have species, like plants
                          1. Believed in the healing power of nature
                            1. Taught Disease was caused by th Atmosphere
                              1. Thought Doctors should visit the sick
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