Ideas for Music Video / Narrative on James Arthur (Pitch) - Get Down


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Ideas for Music Video / Narrative on James Arthur (Pitch) - Get Down
  1. Have some narrative based elements to give the music video some structure and a story line.
    1. One artist which will be the main focus in the music video.
      1. Male artist
      2. A few different location to add a sense of unknowing and to keep the target audience interested.
        1. Possibly the acoustic version to give it a more down beat feel.
          1. Stripped back so elements can be emphasised
          2. Base narrative theme around specific lyrics
            1. 'They tell me that there's reasons to survive'
              1. Survival element or a particular situation that he is stuck in.
              2. 'And I know, no matter how much colder Or how much I carry on my shoulders'
                1. Cold weather associated with a negative theme or time
                  1. Under pressure and he is struggling to cope
                  2. 'I could read you a scripture of tears'
                    1. Emotional element or theme
                  3. Include elements of theories such as Dyers theory
                    1. Use of high key lightening to show the artist in an important light
                      1. Emphasises the actions or what in particular the artists will be doing in our music video
                      2. Editing techniques such as overlay with James Arthur and our artist both singing
                        1. It will give make the video unique and will also add originality
                        2. Combination of locations
                          1. Rural / rich, busy locations
                            1. Ex. London
                            2. Urban to give it the feel of working up and bouncing back from past problems
                              1. A mixture of run down old locations with newer, built up locations
                                1. This will give the music video a narrative but also storyline of a journey the artist has been through.
                                  1. Indicates how he has built him self up and been through difficult times to where he is now, achieving success.
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