Kantian Ethics

Meg Robinson
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Meg Robinson
Created by Meg Robinson over 6 years ago
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Kantian Ethics
1 Practical Reason
1.1 Looks at evidence and tells us what ought to be done
1.2 Moral law at work within people, the right path is obvious
2 Good will
2.1 Must intend to do good
3 Duty
4 Summum Bonum
4.1 Where virtue and happiness meet
4.2 Requires the existence of God
4.3 We aren't always rewarded for good actions on earth whilst bad actions don't always result in punishment
5 Hypothetical Imperative
5.1 must do it if certain criteria apply
5.2 Enter text here
6 Categorical Imperactive
6.1 absolute moral maxim
6.2 Universalisation
6.2.1 If it cannot be made universifiably applicable we must reject a maxim
6.2.2 Act only by the maxim that you can at the same time will that it should be a universal law
6.3 ends in themselves
6.4 live as if in kingdom of ends
7 Ross
7.1 Prima Faece duties
7.1.1 W.D Ross
7.1.2 Heirachy of duties
7.1.3 for when duties conflict
8 Evaluation
8.1 Strengths
8.2 Weaknesses
8.2.1 no heirachey of duties
9 Overview
9.1 We should do the right thing because it's right not for any selfish reason
9.2 We use reason to determine what is good
9.3 Deontological
9.4 Ethics isn't culturally relative or subjective
10 Freedom
10.1 Must have complete autonomy of will to act morally

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