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Patrick's Walking Plan


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Vanessa Martin
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Vanessa Martin
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Patrick's Walking Plan
  1. Linguistic Intelligence
    1. Play a word game, such as reciting a riddle or joke
      1. Discuss store and location signs to identify a route/neighbourhood
    2. Musical Intelligence
      1. Listen to Ipod/MP3 player during walk
        1. Chant a beat to keep pace too
      2. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence
        1. Use a stopwatch to track time (30 minutes)
          1. Ask how things work, such as traffic lights, tools and equipment seen
        2. Naturalistic Intelligence
          1. Discuss/record observations on walk (Ex.: Number of birds heard or types of animals seen)
            1. Dress appropriately for the weather (Plan outfit before walk, reflect whether it was an appropriate choice or not so much)
          2. Spatial Intelligence
            1. View map before walk and plan a route
              1. Discuss left and right, north, east, south, and west directions
            2. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence
              1. Create 'funky steps' to challenge one another to mimic (stomping, skipping, jumping, etc.)
                1. Discuss how the body feels during different stages of the walk, comparing to other walks
              2. Interpersonal Intelligence
                1. Try to plan walk time to higher public activity (better chance to meet neighbors during daytime than the middle of the night)
                  1. Be aware of mood - promote positive experience through dialogue and purposeful expression
                2. Intrapersonal Intelligence
                  1. Keeping a journal/record of walks (distance, time, how it felt)
                    1. Allow for relaxation/meditation after walk
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