What to look for in a retail job?


- a mind map that summarises a discussion about job search in a local area
Bob Read
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Bob Read
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What to look for in a retail job?
  1. Pay?


    • The minimum wage is £6.19 per hour. For 18-20 £4.98. For under £3.68
    1. Plenty of overtime?
      1. Tips?
        1. Staff discount?
        2. Distance from home?
          1. How long will it take to walk?
            1. Cost of bus fares
            2. People?
              1. What are the other staff like?


                • Will they all be older than me? Will there be other p/t staff?


                1. Will I be working on my own or in a team?


                2. Hours?
                  1. Night shifts
                    1. Early morning starts?
                    2. Will it be hard physical work?
                      1. Will I have to deal with customers?
                        1. Will it suit me?
                          1. Will it be safe?
                          2. Training?
                            1. Food hygiene exam?
                              1. Use of a till?
                                1. First Aid?

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