Ancient Civilizations

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Ancient Civilizations
  1. Pueblo Indians
    1. Intermarried w/ anasazi
      1. Produced drought resistant corn, squash
        1. Survived the Spanish conquest & civilization
        2. Inhabitants of S & SW
          1. SW US & northern Mexico
            1. Two ancient cultures: Anasazi & Hokokam
              1. Anasazi developed adobe architeture, system of irrigation
                1. Hohokam built separate stone and timber houses
                2. Incas (children of the sun)
                  1. Covered modern day Ecuador, Peru, & central Chile
                    1. Well-developed political system
                    2. Mayas
                      1. Highly advanced knowledge of astronomy, engineering, & art
                        1. Developed: elaborate calendar, system of writing, and the mathematical concept of zero
                          1. One of the earliest civilizations of MesoAmerica
                            1. Yucatan Peninsula, Guatemala, Honduras
                            2. Aztecs
                              1. Achieved the highest development in Mexico
                                1. Had centralized government
                                2. Mound Builders in N. America
                                  1. Two major groups: Woodland and Mississippian peoples
                                    1. Mississippian people built flat-topped mountains
                                      1. Disappeared around 14th century
                                      2. Zapotecs, Olmecs, & Toltecs
                                        1. Olmecs--> Zapotecs --> Toltects
                                          1. Developed: alphabetic writing system
                                          2. Iroquois
                                            1. Inhabited Ontario, Canada, upstate New York
                                              1. Farming was main economic activity
                                                1. Matrilineal
                                                  1. developed Iroquois Confederation
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