Linguistic devices

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Linguistic devices
1 Dramatic language
1.1 Attract readers attention
1.2 Used in headlines
1.2.1 Hospital face crisis over fall in blood supplies
2 Emotive language
2.1 Intended to arouse strong feelings
2.2 Undesirable characters can prey on vulnerable children
3 Imperatives
3.1 Are words that give us instructions or orders
3.1.1 Appear at the start of sentances
3.2 Appeal directly to the reader
3.2.1 Make the message very clear
3.3 Discover your favourite days out in Bedford
4 Alliteration
4.1 The use of the same letter to start several words simultaneously
4.2 Seen in headlines and advertising slogans
4.2.1 Catches the readers attention
4.3 Runway rumpas at airport
5 Rhetorical questions
5.1 Get the reader involved directly
5.2 Do not expect an answer
5.2.1 persuasive technique to make the reader agree with the writers point of view
5.3 Would you like to live healthier and live longer?
6 Lists
6.1 Persuasive device
6.1.1 Writers use this to suggest they have extensive evidence to support their views
6.2 Animal testing is unreliable, unnecessary and cruel
7 Metaphor
7.1 Rollercoaster of emotions
7.2 Conveys a vivid image to the reader
8 Simile
8.1 Method of describing something using like or as
8.1.1 Creates an image in the readers mind
8.2 Cute as a kitten
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