Development of Association Football.

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Madi Jones
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A level Physical Education Mind Map on Development of Association Football., created by Madi Jones on 10/10/2016.

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Development of Association Football.
  1. Urbanisation
    1. Large audience
      1. Facilities
        1. Lack of space
        2. More Free time
          1. Decreased working hours
            1. more time to watch/play
              1. half day saturday
              2. More disposable income
                1. Improved wages and living standards
                  1. larger disposable income
                    1. More money available for sporting fees
                  2. Improved transport
                    1. Increased regularity of matches
                      1. Improved the spectator sport
                        1. Development of the leagues/competitions
                        2. Increased Professionalism
                          1. Opportunities increased
                            1. sport as a job became more acceptable
                          2. Social class links
                            1. Middle-class influence
                              1. Became more acceptable
                                1. emphasis on morality and etiquette
                                2. Increased Organisation
                                  1. Codifiication
                                    1. Referees
                                      1. more civilised
                                        1. reflecting society at that time
                                        2. due to this players behaviour improved
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