Pitch Idea (James Arthur - Get Down)

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Pitch Idea (James Arthur - Get Down)
1 "I feel like someone's talking to my spirit"
1.1 These lyrics convey the feeling of being danger/suicidal yet also they show James Arthur is potentially emotionally trapped.
2 "They tell me that theres reasons to survive"
3 "And we're dancing on the edge of a knife"
4 "And i know, no matter how much colder"
4.1 All these lyrics present negativity as they denote further emotion of being held down, under pressure, but also again describing a theme of being emotionally trapped.
5 "Or how much i carry on my shoulders"
6 "I could read you a scripture of tears"
7 Both of these lyrics portray the same theme of an emotion/survival element yet something it stopping him from moving on therefore he is struggling to cope.
8 Throughout James Arthur's song "Get Down" there is various suggestions of the same theme being implicated, this theme being suicidal and the idea of being emotionally trapped therefore connotations such as darkness, cold, negativity and upset are conveyed.
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