Middle Childhood

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Middle Childhood
  1. Impetigo
    1. reddish macule that becomes vesicular, honey colored crusts
      1. Treatment: topical bactericidal or oral abx
        1. Nursing interventions: removal of crusts and comfort care
      2. Scabies
        1. intense itching maculopapular lesions interdigitally axillary popliteal and inguinal areas
          1. Treatment: Elimite
            1. Education: medication use, treat all contacts
            2. Head Lice
              1. Scalp itching and irritation. Louse can survive 48 hr away from host and nites are shed into environment and can hatch in 7-10 d
                1. Nursing intervention: educate families, lice do not jump fly or travel on pets
                2. Lyme Disease
                  1. Stage 1: rasied doughnut like border burning warm to touch occasionally pruritic fever HA malaise splenomegaly lymphandenopathy
                    1. Stage 2: neurological cardiac and musckolskeltal involvement 2 -11 wks after bite
                      1. Stage 3: musculoskeletal pains arthritis late neurological problesm
                        1. Treatment: Amox less than 8 yo doxy greater than 8yo
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