WJEC Geography GCSE Theme 1 - Variation in Quality of Life and Access to Housing

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Mind Map on Variation in Quality of Life and Access to Housing (Theme 1) from latest version of WJEC B Geography textbook.

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WJEC Geography GCSE Theme 1 - Variation in Quality of Life and Access to Housing
1 Housing Tenure
1.1 Housing tenure is the financial arrangement underwhich someone has the right to live in a house or appartement. The most common types of housing tenure are owner occupied, rented from a private landlord and rented from a social landlord.


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1.2 Owner occupied is where you own the house that you live in ie. the house is inhabitated by the owner. In order to access this part of the housing market you need a large lump sum of money and/or a regular wage so that you can obtain and afford a mortgage.
1.2.1 A very wide variety of properties are available at a range of prices, you can choose to extend your home (with planning permission) and when the mortgage is paid the value of the home is yours.
1.2.2 If you miss payments on your mortgage your house could be reposessed and you have to have a lot of savings before you can borrow the rest on a mortgage
1.3 Renting from a Private landlord. A private landlord is someone who lets out a hous they own in order to make a profit. Contracts are usualy short term and therefore not suitable for those wishing to settle down (such as families).
1.3.1 What you pay each month is fair and affordable, you can move at short notice and someone else pays for repairs to your home.
1.3.2 You might have to wait a long time to get repairs done if you have a bad landlord and at the end of paying lots of money in, you get nothing back.
1.4 Renting from a Social Landlord. Social Landlords are not for profit organisations such as the local council. People who apply to rent from one are put on a waiting list and have little choice about where they live. Their rent is often subsidised or paid for by the council.
1.4.1 The rent is often subsidised and someone else pays for repairs to your home.
1.4.2 You have very little choice about where you live or what house you get. You may become subject to bedroom tax or forced to move.
2 Effect of the Urban environment on quality of life

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