Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 Study Guide Mind Map

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Chapter 3
  1. Pressure
    1. Formula: P=F/A
      1. As elevation increases, air pressure decreases.
        1. As depth increases, so does water pressure.
          1. If the area of an object is smaller and there is force applied on it, the pressure decreases, and vice versa.
            1. N/M^2 or Pa (Pascal) is the unit of measurement for pressure
              1. Pascal's Principle
                1. A force applied to a confined fluid transmits the increase in pressure equally to all parts of the fluid.
                  1. Hydraulic Systems
                2. Bernoulli's Principle
                  1. The faster a fluid moves, the lower the surrounding pressure.
                    1. Blowing between balloons creates faster moving air which causes low pressure in between. Higher pressure goes around.
                  2. The faster a fluid moves, the lower its surrounding pressure becomes.
                  3. Density
                    1. Formula: D=M/V
                      1. A rock sinks in water because the rock is denser than water.
                      2. Buoyancy
                        1. If the buoyant force on an object in water is less than the weight, the object will sink.
                          1. Archimedes's Principle
                            1. The buoyant force on an object is equal to the weight of the fluid that the object displaces.
                              1. Beach ball in water; why can't you push it down?
                              2. Heavy boats need a big buoyant force, so they have to displace a lot of water. This helps them carry heavy cargo.
                              3. Objects are lighter underwater because of buoyant force.
                                1. If you change the volume of the object and the density of the fluid, then the buoyant force changes.
                                  1. If an object sinks, the density is greater than the liquid.
                                  2. A fluid is any matter that flows. Solids and plasmas do not flow.
                                    1. Fast cars have spoilers on their backs because they need to stick to the road. This is provided by downforce, so a spoiler is used to slow down the air going over the car.
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