Plant Strucuture

Tomás Dunleavy
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Tomás Dunleavy
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mind map of plant structure

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Plant Strucuture
  1. Vascular Bundles
    1. Phloem
      1. Sugars (sap)
      2. Xylem
        1. Water+Minerals
      3. Monocotyledons
        1. Narrow leaf
          1. Fibrous root
            1. Scattered
              1. 1 cotyledon
              2. Dicotyledons
                1. Tap root
                  1. Broad leaf
                    1. Arranged in ring
                      1. 2 cotyledons
                      2. The leaf
                        1. Upper epidermis
                          1. Spongy Mesophyll layer
                            1. Palisade layer
                              1. Guard cell
                                1. Stomata
                                2. The root
                                  1. Root hairs
                                    1. Root cap
                                      1. Meristem
                                        1. Zone of cell division
                                          1. Zone of diffrenciation
                                            1. Zone of elongation
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