Aerobic capacity

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Aerobic capacity
  1. Definition
    1. Vo2 max: Highest rate of oxygen attainable during exercise
      1. Aerobic Capacity: Ability to work sub maximally for a long period of time
      2. Affecting Factors
        1. Genetics
          1. Inheriting types of muscle fibres. This affects 60% of AC
          2. Age
            1. Vo2 max declines with age. Aerobic training helps maintain aerobic capacity
            2. Gender
              1. Males have higher Vo2 than females by 15-30%. this is due to having bigger hearts and lungs
              2. Training
                1. Aerobically trained people are likely to have a larger vo2 max.
              3. Testing
                1. PWC 170
                  1. Is a test that predicts an athletes power output at a rate of 170 beats per minutes
                    1. Simple to set up and conduct
                      1. Need specialist equpiment
                      2. Multi stage fitness
                        1. Also know as the bleep test. Test your aerobic capacity
                          1. Only a prediction
                            1. Can be unreliable
                              1. Uses both zones of work
                              2. Easy to do with large groups
                              3. Gas Analysis
                                1. Calculates your exact vo2 max
                                  1. Very accurate and precise
                                    1. Expensive
                                      1. Time consuming
                                  2. Adaptations
                                    1. Cardiac
                                      1. Increase HR,SV,CO
                                        1. Lower resting heart rate
                                        2. Respiratory
                                          1. Capilerisation
                                            1. Increase surface areas of lungs
                                            2. Skeletal
                                              1. Increased bone density
                                                1. Increased strength of tendons, ligaments and cartilages
                                                2. Muscular
                                                  1. Type 1 fibres increase
                                                    1. Type 2b fibres turn into 2a
                                                      1. Increased muscle capilaries
                                                    2. Methods of training
                                                      1. Fartlek
                                                        1. Physical training that take place on different terrain at varied paces
                                                          1. Variety so prevents tedium
                                                            1. Good for sports that require changes in pace
                                                            2. Might not work to full potential
                                                              1. Hard to monitor
                                                            3. Altitude
                                                              1. Training performed at high altitude to prepare the body to work with less oxygen
                                                                1. Skill level may actually decrease
                                                                  1. Can lower immune system
                                                                  2. Increase production of red blood cells
                                                                    1. Increases Vo2 max
                                                                  3. Continuous
                                                                    1. Physical training without rest intervals
                                                                      1. Very little equipment
                                                                        1. Easy to do
                                                                        2. Become tedious
                                                                          1. Overload
                                                                        3. Interval
                                                                          1. Physical training consisting of varied periods of high intensity and low intensity work
                                                                            1. Prevents fatigue
                                                                              1. Reflect scenario of a games player
                                                                              2. Can overload
                                                                                1. Work to rest ratio may be wrong
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