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Computing mind map
  1. Arithmetic Operators
    1. An operator is a symbol that tells the computer to perform a specific action on the data and use and change it in a particular way. The data on which it performs the action is called an operand.
    2. Assigning values to variables
      1. All variables have to be given or assigned a value. This is done in assignment statements. It is done differently in different types of pseudocode.
      2. Naming conventions
        1. A commonly used convention is to use camel case (also known as CamelCase or camelCase) for compound words. e.g. FirstName, LastName. Often the first word is given a lower case initial, e.g. firstName, lastName.
        2. Adding comments to your code
          1. When writing pseudocode it is a good idea to add comments to explain to others, and often to remind yourself, what the code is intended to do. To separate these comments from the actual code, two forward slashes // or a # is used.
          2. Variables and choosing identifiers
            1. variable can be changed and manipulated and changed as an algorithm is running. So that programmers can keep track of variables, they are given names or identifiers
            2. Pseudocode
              1. Pseudocode is a kind of step by step English for describing algorithms. It is a non-specific, code-like language that can be easily translated into any programming language (e.g python,html etc).
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