Thomas Hardy

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Thomas Hardy
1 Emma
1.1 First wife -- ignored her in life, misses her in death
1.1.1 Second Wife is his secretary (Florence) - only writes about Emma (1912-1913) He fears abandonment .
1.2 The poems are rarely about her, as much as his reaction to her 'going'
1.2.1 the significance of his pain
1.3 Poems about Emma
1.3.1 The Going
1.3.2 The Voice
1.3.3 On the Departure Platform
1.4 Poems to Emma
1.4.1 Neutral Tones First poem written to her ONE DAY YOU WILL LEAVE
2 Nature
2.1 Poems about nature (and sometimes war)
2.1.1 The Darkling Thrush
2.1.2 In Time of the Breaking Of Nations
2.1.3 The Convergence of The Twain
2.1.4 Drummer Hodge
2.2 The natural world and living in it is key
2.2.1 Wessex
2.2.2 Industry is damaging it War and Nature or it is fighting back
2.3 Nature = hope
2.4 Pathetic Fallacy reflects his views
2.4.1 Winter
2.4.2 Rain
2.4.3 Fog
2.4.4 lack of life and colour shows all the problems
2.5 South African nature destroys Wesex boys
2.5.1 horrific - foreign stars
3 Change
3.1 Hardy fears change
3.1.1 'broken lyre'
3.1.2 Things move on
3.1.3 Century's corpse
3.1.4 copse gate end of time
3.2 1900
3.2.1 everything is changing at a hugely rapid rate
3.3 Fear of change in TCoTT (titanic)
3.3.1 mans best effort scary
3.3.2 Dragon terms
3.4 Tess embodies this fear of change
3.4.1 Old vs New house
3.4.2 Wessex is safe
3.5 Poems that include change
3.5.1 The Going more than Emma's death Change in his life
3.5.2 Drummer Hodge Change into South Africa use of Afrikaans
3.5.3 The Man he Killed war changes peeps The world is a worse place because of war
4 Hope
4.1 Huge tension in his poetry
4.1.1 hope, and the pain when it is lost
4.2 Poems that include hope
4.2.1 The Darkling Thrush The thrush symbolizes his hope he is the thrush 'blast - beruffled 'blessed hope where of he knew/ that I was unaware' pessemistic view
4.2.2 Neutral Tones looking for the disaster inevitable that she will let him down easier to expect disappointment protecting himself from being dissapointed
4.2.3 TCOTT the crash was destined
4.2.4 Nobody comes expectations of being let down car lights embody this
4.2.5 All hope is rooted in the old world + its enduring Tess

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