7.1 - Dynamic Equilibrium

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Created by wondersnail over 5 years ago
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7.1 - Dynamic Equilibrium
1 Equilibrium- the rate of the forward reaction is equal to the rate of the backward reaction
1.1 I.e. when the gradients of both reactions in a concentration-time graph is zero and equal
2 Dynamic
2.1 The reaction has not stopped- both the forward reaction and backward reaction are still occuring
3 Acheived in a closed system
3.1 Since a closed system rpevent the exchange of matter from the surroundings, the reactants and products can react with each other only
4 Concentrations remain constant
4.1 Both reactants and products are produced and destroyed at an equal rate, so their concentrations do not change
5 No change in macroscopic properties
5.1 Observable properties such as colour and density do not change becahse they depend on the concentrations, which remain constant
6 Can be reached from either direction
6.1 That's why there are arrows from boths directions.

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