The Picture of Dorian Gray

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The Picture of Dorian Gray
1 Settings
1.1 Basil's studio
1.2 Dorian's house
1.3 The Attic / Schoolroom
1.3.1 Scene of Basil's murder.
1.3.2 Where the portrait is locked away.
2 Characters
2.1 Dorian Gray
2.2 Lord Henry Wotton
2.2.1 'a life of deciet is absolutely necessary'
2.3 Basil Hallward
2.3.1 'whose sudden disappearance many years ago'
2.3.2 'he is all my art to me now'
2.3.3 Becomes infatuated with unrequited love for Dorian.
2.4 The Vanes
2.4.1 Sibyl Wannbe actress. Refers to Dorian as 'Prince Charming'
2.4.2 James Vows to avenge his sisters death. Man of the house - father left hs mother.
2.4.3 Mrs Vane
3 Themes
3.1 Social classes
3.2 Youth & Beauty
3.2.1 Dorian bargains he sould for eternal youth and beauty.
3.3 Art
3.3.1 Lord Henry wants Basil to exhibit the portrait of Dorian.
3.4 Negative consequences of influence
3.4.1 The Yellow book Gets several editions in different colours for each mood.
3.4.2 Lord Henry Lives his dreams / desires through Dorian. “Don’t spoil him. Don’t try t influence him. Your influence would be bad.” Basil Hallward
3.5 Hedonism
3.5.1 Pleasure seeking
3.6 Morals - Right & Wrong
3.6.1 Dorian realises that Henry is a bad person to have around him but still continues to see him.
4 Oscar Wilde (Author)
4.1 Had a homosexual affair with 'Bosie'
4.2 Believer in aestheticism.
4.3 Served two years hard labour.

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